divMega Retailer Company (“MRC”) is one of the leading global distributors of consumer products. Their products are categorized mainly into 3 product groups, Food, Personal Care and Home Care. Its customer base ranges from Hotels/Restaurants to Supermarkets to your neighbourhood provision shop. MRC has local presence in every country in Asia Pacific. One or more companies are set up in each country to serve the local market.br /br /You are the Budgeting Manager for MRC. It’s budget time again! 🙁 /divdiv /divdivAm I going to go thru the same old process again? Sending the templates……/divdivbr /If you don’t want to, why not take a look at this a href=”http://www.everydayexcel.com/revolutionary_excel_budgeting_course.php”strongbrand new way of budgeting/strong/a?/div

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