The goto function or F5 function key is known to most users to move from one cell to another by typing in the cell address. For those who have explored further, they would have found that the F5 function can do a lot of wonders and save them significant time in data management or reorganising the data they have.

This is done thru the “special” button found at the bottom left corner of the goto dialog box. Assuming that you have a list as shown below:

Header 1 Header 2
Internet marketing
Synergyworks Good
ExcelWorks Good
MS Words
Blogging Good

Using the auto filter, filter those items that have the word “Good” in Header 2.

Side track to auto filter function
For those who don’t know how, goto within the list say select the cell containing the word “Header 1”. Then goto to Data, Filter and select AutoFilter. Two buttons apeears at the right side of both cells containing “Header 1” and “Header 2”. Click on the button on the right of the cell containing the word “Header 2”. Select the word “Good” from the list. (See diagram) The list is filtered showing those with the word “Good” under “Header 2”.

Instead of using the normal means of highlighting the selected range and click on copy (which is what most basic users will do), let’s press the F5 function key and then click on the Special button. Select the option “Visible Cells only” (see diagram). Click “OK”. Only the visible cells are selected for now. So what can you do after that? You can do wonders with this. One of them is to color the selected cells while leaving the rest as they are. You can try it out. For the purpose of the comparing 2 lists later, we will copy the cells and paste it to another location.

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow.

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