Now that you have formatted the results (Sum of Amount) for the pivot table, you might want to know that you could also rearrange the customers within the pivot table by ascending or decending alphabetical orders. That is not all. You can also arrange the customers list based on their purchases (ascending or decending order). What’s more, you could even do a filter such that only the top x or bottom x number of customers are displayed in the pivot table.

Interested to find out how? Read on.

1) Double click on the grey box/button on the top left corner of the pivot table with the label “Customer Name”
2) A dialog box called Pivot Table Field wil appear. Click on the Advanced button.
3) Another Dialog box called PivotTable Field Advanced Options will appear.
4) Under the AutoSort Option, you can select Manual (Arranging the customer based on your own preference), ascending or descending order.
5) If you click on ascending or descending order, you would be able to choose the sorting preference, By customer name or by Sum of Amount (Purchases)
6) You can activate the Top 10 Auto Show by selecting the “on” option. Click on the drop down box and choose bottom if you decided to show the bottom x results in the pivot table. X is determined by the box next to the top/bottom selection.
7) If you have more than one result in the pivot table, you could select the field which the top or bottom x results should be based on.
8) Once you have made the relevant selection for the pivot table, click “ok” twice to return to the pivot table.

Task Completed.

God bless you with a wonderful day ahead.

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