Hi there,
I have Master sheet (with Cust.No, Name,Sales Person,Phone,Status) and 2 more sheets sorted based on sales person contacts from master sheet. Now after somedays i need to update the record in master sheet say record no 3 in status col. —sametime I want it to get updated in the respective record of resppective sales-person sheet. Can you let me know if there is any solution. Thanks in advance

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    • BenneTan

      hi there. you can try this extremely long, but robust formula. even if you want to add another sales-person worksheet, it wouldn’t be a problem. click on this link to download the file


      this can not only help you fill up the status, but you are also able to apply it throughout column A to D by copying the formula across. do note that my formula is only ranged up till row 1000 of your Master sheet. so do adjust that if it exceeds.

      hope that helps

    • Swati Ghanekar

      Ok Thanks Benne Tan.. will try and see

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