I have a column in which I enter numbers e. g. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 as on. Suppose if I remove /deleted any number e. g. 3, then further columns should automatically adjusted as 3 4 5 as on. PLEASE refer attached sheet, so you will get exact idea…what do I want. THANKING YOU.

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    • Mansoor Sajid

      Insert starting number in Row two. Goto Row 3 and paste the following formula and then copy it all the way down.
      Hope it works.


    • Abedul Hoq Chowdhury

      Your B2 cell contains 1. You can enter formula =MAX(B$2:B2)+1 in the cell B3 and copy it down to cell B389 as shown in your file. Please try and let me know.

    • nisar

      Salam Ailekum Bhaijan,

      I tried & it worked.

      Thanks a lot for valued help. Be in touch.

    • Mansoor Sajid

      Solution proposed by Mr. Abedul Hoq is more practical.

    • BenneTan

      hi there. you could also use:

      =ROW() will give you the row number of that particular row. since you start in A2 & want that to be 1, i deduct 1 from it.

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