During the training course “Breakthrough Performance for Human Resources for Excel” today, participants asked how come they do not have a tab called “Applied Excel” which is showing up on my Excel 2010 program. So I showed them how I created it by customizing the Ribbon. The customized ribbon helps to put together your commonly used functions in one place so that you do not have to scroll through tabs to find them. In the video, I showed them how to create and name a new tab and add a new group called File in the new tab. I added in some commonly used functions such as open file command, new workbook, open recent files, print preview common into the group.

In the demo, I have also shared with them how to find and quickly added groups into the new tab instead of doing it one by one. In the last part of the video, I showed them that they could export the customized tab and import it into their computer once they are back in the office. Watch this video to get the step by step guide.

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