Assuming that I have 2 tables. One table contains a list of invoice numbers. Another contains another list of invoice numbers with the second column containing the value of the invoice found in the 1st column.

I try to set up a vlookup formula in the cell next to the invoice number in tbale 1, to look up the invoice number in table 2 based on invoice numerb given in table 1. If the invoice number is found, I want the invoice value (residing in column 2 table 2) to be returned in the cell. In some instances, the invoice values were returned the right results but on other times, it gives me an error syntax “#N/A”. When I check table 2, the invoice number exist but the invoice value was not returned. What could have gone wrong?

To use vlookup to lookup for a particular value/text in another table (Table 2 in this case), you must make sure that the format is the same as that given in Table 1. If the invoice number in Table 1 is a number, while the invoice number in table 2 is a text, vlookup will return a “N/A” results indicating that the invoice number cannot be found. As such, before you use vlookup formula between 2 tables, you must make sure that the format for (the invoice numbers) in table 1 and 2 are the same. Only then can Excel find the value and return the results you are look for.

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