Greetings to you for the New Year 2008!

I feels good to write this entry. After one month of hard work, I have finally produced the 2 articles that provide you with the details of how our revolutionary solution to Excel budgeting is likely to cause a stir in the industry. With this solution, you can finally put your mind at ease when it comes to budgeting. No more sleepless nights to churn out the final output! Not more external links that will cause you to worry that the numbers might not get updated. And a chance to produce quality analysis and prepare all the materials you need to get your budget approved. You can also put off any plans to invest in a Business Performance Management System and still save on extra manpower you need to manage the budget. The solution uses a combination of formulas and functions such as the pivot table and msquery. To read more, read the following 2 articles:

The benefits of Excel budgeting
Our revolutionary approach to Excel Budgeting for corporations

    2 replies to "A revolutionary solution to Excel Budgeting for corporations"

    • Eric

      I can appreciate your enthusiasm for using Excel to manipulate and format data without needing to learn a new interface. However, would you like a BI/BPM tool that simply takes the data and dumps it into an Excel file for you to manipulate? You can still do the budget however you want, but you will not have to worry about data integrity in the process. Thus eliminating false budgets. For example, ProCube.

    • JK

      It is not only about data manipulation. Based on what you wrote, I can only say that you solve half of the problem of budget managers. One of the pain in budgeting is in managing the process. Read my 2 articles and you will appreciate the pain of budget managers.

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