Are you going to start your annual budgeting exercise soon?

Are you getting ready to

  • Protect the template to minmise the disruption to your consolidation effort?
  • Check the templates filled up by the business heads in detail, making sure that the template layout is not changed in any way?
  • Put the budget number in one single workbook so that you could consolidate the numbers by summing across the worksheets?
  • Set up links to analyse the key expenses by departments, country, by month?
  • Create links to another workbook for the executive summay and charts for you reporting?
  • Create multiple sets of report for different managers, e.g product manager, channel manager, etc?
  • Work overtime and during the weekends to get the budget out before the deadline?
  • Run a few revisions of the budget and repeat the process for each revision?

If you are, I have GOOD NEWS for you!……..More on Excel Budgeting

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