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10 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Create a Professional Dashboard in Excel

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in just hours!

Module 1

Learn How to SUM and COUNT automatically with worksheet functions 

Module 2

Transit from worksheet functions to Pivot Table and cut down 90% of your Excel time

Module 3

Combine 2 data sources into one using VLOOKUP

Module 4

Group your data instantly with IF and Nested IF function

Module 5

6 most commonly used Text functions to extract, clean and beautify your text. 

Module 6

50% of your problems in Data Analytics and Excel Reporting comes Dates. Learn how to manage dates effectively and shave 50% of your manual work away. 

Module 7

Learn the secret of creating charts instantly with Pivot Table. With instant charts, you can easily pick and choose the best charts for your reports.

Module 8

Learn 3 quick ways to quickly choose, amend or delete your data. You don't have to work row by row anymore.

Module 9

Enhance your Pivot Table with these functions and you will get extra time instantly at your disposal.

About Your Trainer

Jason Khoo

Jason Khoo is an ACTA certified trainer of 20 years. He is a data analytics practitioner of 30 years. He has worked with multiple databases, extracted and downloaded information from systems and run numerous analysis. These analyses spanned across many departments such as Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Payroll, etc.

His consulting clients including Discovery Asia, 3M, Tanah Merah Country Club, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, National Environmental Agency, Timberland, etc.

His data analytics skills combined with Excel allowed him to deliver many reports to the clients without them having to incur software cost. These reports include Dashboards, Top 10 charts, Risk Analysis, Business Models, KPIs, etc. 

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Upon completion of each module, you will be able to 

No more repetitive copy and paste
Clear and Accurate Reporting
Professional looking charts
Cut down on Excel Time
Instant Consolidation of Multiple Data Sources

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Unlimited email consultation
1 hour personal coaching 

Your Questions Answered

I am not sure if this course is suitable for me

If you do not try it, you never know. But we do not want you to miss a great opportunity to experience how useful this course is to you. That's why we would like to offer you a 30-day money back guarantee to try out our course. If within 30 days, you find that this course is not what you are looking for, feel free to request for a refund. Just let us know the reason so that we can review and improve the course to make it better. 

I can learn from YouTube, why do I need to pay for this course?

I also learn from Youtube. But the problem with Youtube is that it is not structured learning. And you have to know what you don't know in order to find the right video to watch. This course has been designed to include all the necessary topics and the data created are similar to the data you encountered in companies.

Is it basic, intermediate or advance

Not all the functions and formulas in the Basic Excel course are required. So are the Intermediate and Advanced level. You don't have to learn them all to get the job done. Just learn the required one.

That's why we created this course, to help you pick up only the necessary functions from each basic, intermediate and advanced Excel levels. 

Can I use it for my work?


This is the reason why we design this course. We have met our friends and colleagues who were struggling with Excel and wasted precious hours to get the job done, all because they are unaware of the functions of Excel that reduce their workload by 90%.

In order to make this course more relevant, we have made use of sanitized corporate data so that you could relate to them instantly. 

How is this course different from others?

Most Excel courses teach you the functions of Excel and leave you to figure out how and when to use them. 

We should you how and when to use the Excel functions within each module. You don't have to spend time thinking very hard when to use these functions. 

On top of that, we also equip you with data analysis skills, one of the most sought skills now. 

Question number six

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