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  • Excel Table (1/14/2016) - Excel Table is a new function in Excel. It can organize information neater compared to a normal Excel worksheets. But one thing Excel Table cannot do is insert cut cells from another row of the table. For example, I would like to swop the values between E5 and E6. The way I would do it is to cut […]
  • Paul McKenna: I chose my wife by Excel spreadsheet (1/4/2016) - This is not one of the Excel uses I would recommend but Paul definitely used it correctly to organize information and see things clearer. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/12078792/Paul-McKenna-chose-wife-Kate-Davey-by-Excel-spreadsheet.html
  • VBA Excel – Goto Function (12/30/2015) - In one of the projects that I was working on, I wrote a set of Macros VBA code to select and highlight the cells that I want to keep. It behaves the same way as when the GOTO function is applied manually. The following code is what I used to highlighted the filtered cells yellow: […]
  • A Sum formula that always adds new rows (7/9/2015) - What do you do if you have a list and you constantly have to add the new records to the grand total using the SUM formula? If your SUM formula is immediately below the record, you will have to keep changing your range as the SUM formula would not include the new row added before the […]
  • Microsoft Excel can be installed as a standalone Android App (6/26/2015) - Previously, you have to install Microsoft Office App (Excel, PowerPoint and Words) to use Excel. Now they come as separate Apps and you can pick the App you wish to install on your Andriod Phone. Watch the YouTube video for more details.  
  • Microsoft launched a new keyboard for Android Tablets (3/2/2015) - Microsoft launched a new keyboard for Android tablet. The new keyboard basically contains a keypad on the right. It is going to be helpful for those who are have to enter lots of numbers quickly on their tablets. So far, there is no mention of an iPhone or iPad version.  Microsoft Excel Android Keyboard
  • Conditional Formatting Stop if True (10/10/2014) - In conditional formatting, we can set more than one rule to format the cells. If the rules do not conflict with each other, then all is well. But what happens when more than one rule turn TRUE? According to Microsoft website, the earlier rule that turns takes precedence over the latter rules. So if the earlier […]
  • Splitting Fixed Assets into multiple rows (9/23/2014) - A past participant was working on a Fixed Asset Register and one of the tasks she is required to do is to split up the Fixed Assets into multiple rows, based on the quantity. Given below is an example of what has to be done. a) A00016 Well Management Pte Ltd 10297 AM00000000002685 4.00 APOT-0150 […]
  • New to Excel (9/1/2014) - If you or your employees do not know how to use Excel, the first thing you should learn is to entering data into a cell. It may seem obvious to you but we do find a number of people learning the wrong way when it comes to entering data into a cell. The wrong way […]
  • Quick Access Toolbar icon and Macros (8/26/2014) - In today’s course, one of the participants asked if he can attach macros to the ribbon so that he can access and run the macro in one click. The answer is yes but not in the ribbon. It is in the Quick Access toolbar. Microsoft does not allow the ribbon to be changed in Excel 2007. […]